12 September 2007

Good Times in Chi-Town

Hey everyone,

Well now with APSA behind us and the new school year setting in, I hope we can keep up the blog. This is just selfish on my part I think since most of you are back at Yale for at least the Fall!

By way of update, things in Chicago are going well. The Bar Foundation is a relatively quiet place and most days I sit writing or reading in my office (not all that different from years in the Diner, except no adviser in the next room asking me to edit his papers).

Later this week, I am to make arrangements to be back at Yale arriving on Oct 27 (so that Rob and I can continue our tradition of co-birthday on Oct 28... him 28 (dude, 28 on the 28th! Rock on!) and me sadly 31. I'll be in New Haven through Nov 1.

Life in the gayborhood of "boystown"/east Lakeview is good times. Met lots of new folks--none of them are architects however. One is a structural engineer, but that's different. And they are all from states from which I've never met anyone before being the shielded northeasterner that I am: Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, Wisconsin. Good stuff.

Okay back to actually working on my dissertation.

Hugs everyone! -S