27 April 2007

How sometimes Spain gives us some good news

...read about it here

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26 April 2007

hello from harvard

meg and i are here at harvard to give our "why everybody's measurement tactics scare us" talk (in ten minutes. yeah, right.)

however, that is boring and not the point of this post. the point of this post is to note that i have (cross-)posted an important ocv-related request at my personal blog. all of you who know things about music and war (ABBEY THIS MEANS YOU), come help a scholar out.

Uh. The link. Right.

Oops. Forgot the link:


Political fun with Irack

Oh, we all love political fun. Here's something to distract you for the next 4 minutes. Seriously, it's worth 4 minutes. Irack. Heh heh.

(I write from NYC, where we're apartment hunting. Whee!!)

19 April 2007

speaking of hippos...

cheney's not the only rotund creeper lurking (see below)...
a couple of the hippos that pablo escobar imported to his 7400-acre ranch reproduced (yeah, pablo was pretty normal -- he also fancied zebras, camels, rhinos, lions, elephants, ostriches, buffaloes...i guess it was good for a twofer: money laundering and entertaining). cut to 20 years later: 2 of them recently decided to creep upriver from the ranch -- apparently one male dominated all the ladies, so the other two males instinctively left. which is pretty funny, since you know, hippos aren't exactly indigenous to colombia. last seen outside an industrial city on the magdalena river, no one knows what to do with the multi-ton creatures. and now they're on the loose, lookin for love. ah, the dangers of colombia -- guerrillas! hippos! glyphosate! oh my...

18 April 2007


08 April 2007


this is going to be somewhat painful, but i feel like i need to take one for the team and post something. even though i don't have anything of interest to report. oh, except that pam and dave (the mom and stepdad) are coming to visit me this weekend. that should be interesting. i tried impressing upon them the idea that minibus tours are not available in bogotá for lack of demand, but somehow they were not to be dissuaded. so there it is...marginal progress in the theory and research design for my fieldwork, and negative progress in efforts to maintain a healthy relationship with members of my immediate family. eh, you win some, you lose some.

in the meantime (while waiting for a really! interesting! research design! to strike me), i stay amused.