18 July 2007

I'm a mid-westerner again (thankfully)

Andy and I drove my modest little Corolla to Milwaukee at the beginning of the month, and the kind folks at ABF drove my stuff. My new apartment has been settled into, somewhat. I don't want to make the New York folks hate me, but I have ~900 square feet of pure high-rise goodness - a dining room, a huge living room and entry way, and a kitchen with such glories as a dishwasher and a garbage disposal. Which is a good thing, since I have been walking the 3 blocks to Whole Foods every few days to get fresh food. I also live a few blocks from a 24-hour gym, Lake Michigan, a whole host of coffee shops, and apparently a vintage clothing shop, as well as several pretty decent bars. What this comes down to, essentially, is everyone should come visit me in Milwaukee! Several at a time if you want- I've got enough space.

We saw Spoon at Summerfest before Andy flew back to New Haven. I too am back in the Have until the beginning of August. From then on, I'm in Milwaukee, teaching the courses I am now contractually obligated to teach. It can happen! You too can be sitting in the diner in July rushing to finish your dissertation so that you can go somewhere to teach Intro to American Government at 9:35 AM. Live the academic dream!

In case you can't tell, I've got some strongly mixed feelings about this move. I'm excited about the area and obviously about having a job, but also nervous about starting this new enterprise of teaching my own courses and adjusting to a new place.


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