11 July 2007

Updates, please!

Ok, it's been far too long since any of you good people posted anything here, and it made me think, man, where is everybody? And then I realized, I don't know!! I have no idea!! Where are they?? When are they coming back from wherever they are?? And when are they coming to New York??

So it would be great if everyone could post an update on their whereabouts and future plans -- where you all are going to be spending the next academic year, especially.

I'll start: I'll be living in NYC for the foreseeable future, working full time on the diss through a fellowship from the Miller Center. I even managed to get office space in the city at a think tank called Demos, where I'll be a (unpaid) fellow. Yay for avoiding professional isolation, and for not having to work from my living room, where the floor isn't level and I have to hold onto the desk while I'm working or the desk chair will roll backward. Ahh, old New York buildings! (Seriously, though -- I totally love it here. I want you all to come hang out.)



Blogger Laia said...

hi Nicole! I loved your post! thanks for the updates!!

I am in Greece right now. I spent the last two weeks in Olympia, working as a TA in Kokkalis' summer school. now I am in Athens and I will be heading back to Barcelona in four days. then I will be going to CUBA (!) for a short trip with my family, and then back to Barcelona until the end of August, when I will be going to New Haven + Chicago (Apsa).
I think that I will spend the Fall and the Spring in New Haven, so I will have the chance to come and hang out in your NYC apartment;) I hope we will make some parties around the city!!

Anyway, just want to send a little update. Hi to everybody!!



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